Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Updates, appearances and the AHA

First of all I want to thank all of you that are calling and emailing to check on my father. His condition can best be described as "improving". We were so happy to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his pastorate at our church in Conway on the 27th. I was so honored to be able to speak during the morning service, and tell him publicly just how proud I am of what he has done with his life. We had a state senator, the mayor of Conway and several community and church leaders come and speak about what an incredible ministry my father has had. As wonderful as the day was it was exhausting for dad. When I came home from Chicago I was honestly shocked to see him so thin and pale. He is extremely anemic, and that has to improve before his chemo can begin. Sundays activities really drained him further, and he has spent the last three days in bed resting. We will meet with his oncologist next week to determine how his counts are doing, and when his chemo will begin.

This last week has been amazing in many ways. My friends at the AHA have been thrilled with the news that I was crowned Mrs. International. My advocacay leader Barbie Kumpe is out having knee replacement surgery. I am anxious for her to get back so we can move ahead with out plans for the 2009 session. Marlene Vadjunec is our metro executive director, and is thrilled that Mrs. International is in her home state. We have many events coming up for the 2009 season, that I cannot wait to be part of as the representative of the International system. The festival of wines is always our first event of the season, and of course Kevin and I are in the thick of the planning season for the '09 Heart Ball.

I've started what will no doubt be a wonderful year of incredible appearances. My first was to film a knew segment for the home page of the "Go Red" website. I cannot wait to see the completed piece, and see it go up on the website. It should wrap the end of this week. I also had an interview with our state NBC affiliate, which gave me a chance to really talk about what makes the Mrs. International system "the" system for married women . I also had an interview with our state newspaper which will come out this Sunday, and an interview with AY Magazine, a statewide periodical, which will come out in September. It has been an incredible and incredibly busy two weeks, and I cannot wait to see what is to come! I still marvel at this opportunity, and feel so blessed to be living this dream that I have had for so long. God is good!


Mrs.North Dakota International 2008 said...

WAY TO GO LAINE!! You are already doing an AWESOME job of representing the Class of 2008.
I'm so proud of you!!!

Please let your dad know he contiues to be in our prayers here in North Dakota.

Love ya Lady!