Sunday, July 13, 2008

The best of bad news!

Sorry for the delay in my updates to you. I have been at the hospital with dad in the CCU unit at every available moment. The pathology came back from dads cancer, and it was indeed the best of bad news! The cancer is stage 1A, and had not spread to the surrounding lymph system. PRAISE GOD!!! This last week has been more emotionally and physically exhausting than anything I could have ever imagined. For the last seven days we have been through countless tests, and each day has seemed to be endless hours of waiting to hear just how bad, or prayerfully, how good the outcome would be. We now know that my father is in the best situation in which one can be when the diagnosis is lung cancer. The oncologist has strongly recommended four full rounds of strong chemotherapy. None of us are looking forward to that treatment, but we also know that this cancer is aggressive, and tends to metastasize in the brain, liver or bone. Chemotherapy should greatly reduce the risk of it's return. We praise God daily for the miracle of the discovery of the cancer at such an early stage. Dad's prognosis is great. Now, we anticipate the journey through his recovery and look forward to celebrating his cure.

The Heart Association is and always will be my passion. I've devoted almost a decade of my life in service to the AHA, and to educating women to the dangers they face from this killer, and I look forward to many decades more. During dads illness I have still been attending meetings and having phone conferences with the lobbyist group, and the heart ball committee. I've been told that our Health Initiatives team, of which I am a member, will definitely be travelling to the UK to meet in person with the Rt. honorable Dawn Primarolo in February of 2009. I'm honored and ecstatic; I've never been to the UK and can think of no better reason for my first trip "over the pond". But, I'm also really looking forward to forming my fist ever Relay for Life team. It will be an honor to devote some of my volunteer hours in honor of my father. Kevin, Mom, Leigh and I will relish the opportunity to honor and repay him for the hours of support he has given to us all. Watch out cancer; here we come.