Monday, July 21, 2008

Mrs. International 2008!!!

As I sit at my desk typing these words I am filled with more emotions than I can articulate. I have been raised in the knowledge that for everything there is a time, a purpose and a season. For me, this is the time and season to be Mrs. International 2008 and I vow to carry out those duties with purpose.

The International system has always been the penultimate of married women’s pageants. They, as an organization, represent all that is best in pageantry. Mel and Mary Richardson have an unwavering dedication to ethics and integrity, and a desire to use their forum to showcase the most beautiful attributes of married women; strength and purpose. They and their staff are to be commended for their beliefs, their commitment to excellence, and their incredible love and compassion.

I was so honored to compete in the Mrs. International pageant this year. I knew beforehand that I was going to be among a field of unbelievably accomplished, educated and passionate women. Upon arrival that reality was even more evident as I spoke with women like Cynthia Ducett who has dedicated her life to preventing drug abuse in teens since losing her daughter to a tragic overdoes; Shannon Devine who has dedicated herself to spreading the life saving message of organ and tissue donation; Sasha Townsend who has a passion for raising children in a healthy environment, and supporting them through the worst of times; Michelle Beckwith whose personal loss has empowered her to become a passionate spokesperson and activist on behalf of prostate cancer victims across the nation. I could go on and on and on, but the knowledge that I was singled out as the representative for a group such as this is overwhelming, unbelievable and amazingly humbling. And not only were all of the contestant spiritually beautiful, they were all physically beautiful as well! Everyone glowed from the inside, and there were some of the most beautiful evening gowns I have ever seen in my life on that stage. What an incredible event it was! Matt Davenport and his production team outdid themselves this year. The new PR firm, WPRK, organized several outings for the group that really made all of us feel so special. And of course, Mel, Mary and their staff were glorious to work with.

It is an unimaginable honor to have been chosen to represent this system this year. The International system has partnered with “Go Red for Women” as their national platform. I cannot begin to express what that means to me! As I left the stage after my crowning photos I was presented with my Swarovski “Go Red” dress pin from Monica Flores, the national head of “Go Red”. That was the moment of the evening that moved me to tears. After spending eight years with the AHA I am going to be able to spend this year as their “face”. God is amazing! There truly is a time, a season, and a purpose for everything.


Sasha Townsend, Mrs. Oklahoma International 2008 said...

I'm so happy for you and proud of you! You are an amazing Mrs. International already and I can't wait to see what great service the year holds in store for you. God has amazing plans for each of us, and I know in my heart that this was meant to be your year to serve others with your very important message. Lives will be saved because of you!

Thank you for including me in your blog post. :) It means a lot to me to know that I was able to convey my passion with just one more person. Please keep us updated on your amazing year and keep in touch! "You don't know my life!"

Kathie Truitt said...

Congratulations!! As a former pageant contender (Mrs. Missouri America 1996), I still follow up on all the pageants. I've always thought you were the total package. Have fun this year - I hope you have an amazing time.


Mrs.North Dakota International 2008 said...

Hey Beautiful!

Congrtulations again on your win. I knew this was your year when we took pictures on our way to the trolly and it was reaffirmed for me when I saw you in your gown at rehearsal. You are stunning!!!!
It was an honor to meet and get to know you this past week. I hope it is the begining of a life long friendship.
Thank you for showing kindness,grace and class all week long.
I've no doubts you are going to do amazing things as you represent our class as Mrs. International 2008.
Please keep in touch and if you ever find yourself wandering around North Dakota :) you always have a place to rest your head.

Much Love & Friendship!