Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lions Club 2008

I was the guest speaker at the Lions Club today. What an incredible group of volunteers and community leaders these individuals are. We had an incredibly large group despite being bumped from the normal location; there were about 150 people at the luncheon. I was incredibly honored to speak before this group in 2003, and it was a blessing to return. I am always amazed at how open and receptive people are to the message of women's heart disease education and awareness. As usual I asked the members of this group to sign up for the "You're the Cure" advocacy circle. On average I am lucky if I get 25% participation from a group, especially one of this size. I believe that typically people are hesitant to give out their email, for fear of more spam in their in-boxes. We at the AHA assure them that we do absolutely zero address sharing, but people are still hesitant. I am thrilled to report that we got 100% participation today! These members were so excited about the opportunity to become political activists for such an incredible cause, and with so little effort!

This was the first opportunity I had to speak before an audience wearing the Mrs. International banner. I'm still just overwhelmed when I put it on. I'm overwhelmed that I am the face of such an amazing organization; I'm overwhelmed that I am the representative of such an incredible group of women; I'm overwhelmed at the possibilities before me this year!