Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Go Red Website, Heart Gallery, Heart Ball Fashion Show and more!

What an incredible week it has been. There have been amazing things happening, and amazingly difficult things as well. First, I am so honored to share with you that my video testimony has gone up on the national Go Red For Women web site. Visit to see the clip, and my introduction as a national spokesperson for this amazing organization. This really feels like the beautiful culmination of eight incredible years of dedication and work. I have had the privilege of speaking to groups from as small as 8 women, to as large as 1000, but I could never have hoped to reach the number of women that will be reached every day by this piece being featured on the Go Red site.
Our fund raising season has kicked off, and we are starting to have the fabulous round of events that lead up to the Heart Ball. I was so excited to be asked to model for the kick of fashion show at Barbara Jean fashions in Little Rock. Miss Arkansas International Erin Golden and I were thrilled to model the fairy tale fashions of French designer Domanique DeSentino. I also had the opportunity to open the show by introducing Go Red and the Heart ball to the attendees. I had only five minutes, but I packed some incredible information in that short span of time! I so look forward to this incredible season of fund raising, educating, and awareness!
I was also so thrilled to get to be part of the inaugural shoot for the Greater Arkansas Heart Gallery. I have been honored to serve on the board of this incredible organization for about a year. The chairwoman is my dear friend, Robin Moore. Robin has such a heart for these precious children, and after a year of hard work and dedication we celebrated the first photography session with some beautiful and gifted children. I can’t share photos of the children with you, due to legal reasons, but please enjoy the photo of Robin, and the wonderful photographer Stuart Holt. Stuart is remarkably generous, and donated his time and talents to this incredible cause. We cannot thank him enough; finding a photographer for this incredible project has been the most challenging step so far. Stuart stepped in and saved the day. We cannot wait for the kick off exhibit!
I want to thank all of you who are calling and emailing your thoughts and prayers for my father. This has been a very difficult week. On Monday we discovered that my fathers white blood cell count had plummeted. Normal range for white cells is 2.8-7.8. On Monday dad’s cell count was 0.8, and he was extremely dehydrated. He has been in isolation for the week, receiving IV fluids, antibiotics and shots of a drug which encourages the bone marrow to increase white cell production. Please continue to keep him in your prayers!


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