Thursday, February 18, 2010

Schools shoudnever be without...

No school should be without them -- playgrounds, chalkboards, and the one thing that could save a student's life in the event of a heart attack -- a Defibrillator. In fact, two Arkansas students have already been saved with the help of and AED this year.

Take action and help put an AED in every Arkansas school!

Last year you helped us pass a law that requires an AED for every school. But because of funding issues not every school has one. Lawmakers have cut funding for this program but Governor Beebe still considers this issue a priority. We need to have every lawmaker consider funding AEDs in schools a priority.

By taking action today you will be doing two things. You will: 1. Ask your State Representative and State Senator to find funding for AEDs and 2. Thank Governor Beebe for remaining committed to this issue.

Defibrillators in Arkansas: no school should be without one.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

16 Cents

You can't even buy a gumball with 16 cents.

Yet, that's all the Center for Disease Control and Prevention spends per person on heart disease and stroke prevention every year.

That's woefully inadequate to fight heart disease and stroke, the No. 1 and No. 3 killers in America. Worse, the President has proposed a $1.2 million CUT in funding for CDC heart disease and stroke prevention.

Tell your Members of Congress to make smart investments in life-saving heart disease and stroke prevention programs.

The CDC's Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program saves lives by tailoring its work to help Americans, particularly underserved populations, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, learn the key signs and symptoms of heart disease and stroke, improve emergency response and quality of care, and end treatment disparities.

And yet, millions of Americans are left behind every year because the CDC doesn't have the funding to reach them. Some states get no funding at all for heart disease and stroke prevention.

When lives are on the line, we can't afford to cut funding and continue to leave behind the ones who need help the most.

Email Congress now and tell them to stand up against the No. 1 and No. 3 killers in America -- invest in heart disease and stroke prevention now!

Even though the budget fight has just begun, it's crucial that Congress hears from heart disease and stroke advocates like us NOW, as the key decisions are being made.

Thanks for doing your part to make sure Congress answers our call.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Help fund AEDs in Schools!

We worked hard last year to pass a bill that would put an AED in every school in the state. Recently numerous students have been saved by an AED while at school showing how important these devices truly are. But not enough funding has been provided so not every school has one.

Help us change that by telling your lawmaker to fund AEDs in schools!

Last year you helped us pass a bill that required an AED on every school campus in the state. An AED is the lifesaving device that can shock a heart back to life after experiencing a sudden cardiac event.

Unfortunately there are still some schools that don't have an AED on site. Within the last month numerous students have collapsed with heart issues only to be revived with the help of an AED. We can't allow a tragedy to occur at a school simply because there wasn't an AED near by.

In Governor Beebe's address to the General Assembly he said funding AEDs should be a top priority. Please tell your lawmakers that funding this program should be a top priority for them as well. Click here to send your message today.

Your message will also thank Governor Beebe for staying committed to this issue