Tuesday, November 11, 2008

AHA, Election Day and a Grand Ball!

This has been another whirl-wind few weeks. I’m finding it harder and harder to keep up with my blog, but I’m determined to do my best!
I have had several really lovely opportunities over the last weeks. The first was to present Go Red and You’re the Cure at the 501 Life Holidays event the first weekend in November. The event was the first of its kind and drew attendees from all over the state. Attendees were treated to demonstrations on cooking, flower arranging, and of course a lecture by none other than Mrs. International on living a heart healthy lifestyle! Initially we thought that attendance was just under 350, but after reviewing ticket sales we discovered it was actually over 400. What an amazing success for an inaugural event! I was so honored to be asked to be part of it.
November the 4th was an historic day. Alice Paul, one of the truest suffragettes, is a personal hero of mine. It is very much in her honor that I vote at each and every election, whether it be for city council, or the highest office in the land. The year I wanted to do something special to mark this amazing and historic Election Day. One cannot forget that none of us would have the right to cast our ballot were it not for the devoted men and women of our armed forces. So, I spent my Election Day packing and a shipping care packages to our brave men and women fighting overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Kevin and I had the distinct privilege of being asked to attend the Opus Ball. Proceeds from Opus Ball support the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra music education programs and performances, which include the ASO Arts Partners, the Youth Orchestra, the Academy Orchestra and the Preparatory Orchestra. This event is an opportunity to sustain a vital part of the ASO’s future. Last year’s Opus Ball revenue was more than $630,000, which shows an extraordinary commitment to the ASO and its music education programs. I was asked to model a live auction item; a diamond necklace and earring suite donated worth $19,500. It was such a pleasure to be involved in this amazing event!
My father received his last chemotherapy[y treatment last week, and will get his port removed next week, God willing. The coming weeks will probably be his worst, per his doctors warnings. Apparently as the drugs compound in your system your symptoms worsen for a time before full recovery can begin. He is truly at his lowest, and is feeling miserable. I hope you will all keep him in your prayers!
I have a meeting coming up on November the 25th with the national lobbyist leader for the AHA, Terri Bloussard. Terri led the lobbyist training in Austin, but this will be her first trip to my home state. I am very anxious and excited about hosting her here. I’ll keep you posted!