Thursday, September 24, 2009

From Senator Blanche Lincoln

This Week in Washington: Senate Finance Committee Begins Debate on Health Care Reform Legislation

Rising health care costs are unsustainable and a growing burden on our families, businesses, and economy. That’s why health care reform is critical for our nation’s future economic security.

This week, the Senate Finance Committee has taken a significant step by beginning the democratic process of considering the initial health care reform bill. Several of my amendments have been included in the legislation, which continues to be a work in progress.

I continue to work with my colleagues on the Senate Finance Committee to craft a fiscally responsible product that reins in rising health care costs, provides stability to those who like their current health care coverage, and provides better options for those in need of affordable coverage. Throughout this process, it has been my goal to ensure health insurance reform works for small businesses and the self-employed so that they have quality health care options, just like federal employees.

Watch portions of my opening statement before the Senate Finance Committee by clicking on the YouTube icon below.

With Arkansas Pride,
Blanche Lincoln