Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So much to do, so little time to blog!

First, I must apologize.  I was just certain that upon giving up my title I would have copious amounts of free time.  How wrong I was!  Things are indeed steamrolling along, and sadly my blog has taken more than a back-seat.  It has been located somewhere in the vicinity of the trunk of my "car" of life, wedged somewhere under the floor mat between the spare tire and the first aid kit.  You get the idea, I'm sure.

My work with the AHA continues strong.  The third week of August I was asked by Monica Flores, national cause director of Go Red for Women to help author the Best Practices document for the AHA and International pageant system.  We worked to put into place a plan of action that will help the new state and national titleholders continue the partnership with the AHA I was so honored to work toward.  This document will be disseminated to all the state affiliate offices, encouraging them to use the International titleholders at not only Go Red events, but also You're the Cure events, in PSA televised announcements, and a myriad of other AHA events.  The idea is to broaden the impact of the International pageant group for the AHA, and gain more publicity for both groups.  Luckily, the new Mrs. titleholder lives within 10 minutes of the Dallas offices, where the Go Red movement is housed. This should certainly facilitate a smooth transition and open up ease of action for both programs.  I'm so honored to get to continue my work on behalf of both of these amazing organizations.

On a personal level, I'm thrilled to report that dads forth set of scans came back clear!  We are now at one year from his completion of chemotherapy.  This has been both the longest and shortest year of my life-strange how that can be truth.  We pray for his continued strength and protection from a return of any form of the disease.

I've returned to the "real world" of work, which is stressful but refreshing.  I've also been asked to join our local Junior Auxiliary, and am excited about the opportunity.  It gives me the chance to give back and serve at the community level, which is wonderful.  I'm in my provisional year, and will earn full membership after serving 36 hours.  I think I can do that!

The AHA season is getting geared up again after the summer hiatus, so stay tuned for more updates.  We're going strong-Heart Strong!!


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