Monday, January 26, 2009

Tobacco Tax Increase; Savvy Magazine article

I wanted to share with you a snap shot from my most recent appearance on the news.  Friday morning I had the opportunity to speak on the channel 11 news about the proposed increase in the excise tax on tobacco in my home state of Arkansas.  I cannot tell you how important this increase is for my state, and the good those funds will do.  We hope to raise the tax by 56 cents a pack, which will increase state revenues by 87.8 MILLION dollars annually.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Those funds will go toward CPR training for all public school personnel, the placement of life saving AED's in every public school in Arkansas, and the creation of a statewide trauma system.  Each and every person in the state of Arkansas will be touched by the programs that will be put into effect with these funds. We are thrilled to have the support of Governor Mike Beebe.  Governor Beebe normally is not a fan of "designated funds", but understands the importance of these life saving programs and is willing to set aside his personal preferences for the greater good.    I have a great deal of respect and admiration for him, and am honored to be working with him on this issue.  If you are a Republican in the state PLEASE contact your Senator and urge them to support this tax.  The Republican members of the Senate signed an oath not to raiser taxes this session. However, please stress to them that this is a luxury tax, not an across the board tax, and that the good it will do far outweighs the negative connotations that most "taxes" have attached to them.  

This month also saw the publication of Savvy magazines 5th edition.  I am honored to be featured in their "Beyond Beauty" section.  I was asked by editor Stacey Kole to share the story of my journey as an advocate for women's heart health.  Since my crowning my story has  been featured in such state publications as 501 life, AY, Inviting Arkansas, Women's Inc, and Arkansas Life, but this is the first publication to take that story to the national level.  I cannot thank Stacey and Jessica enough for their willingness to let me be part of their incredible publication.
If you are interested in taking part in my campaign to increase the tobacco tax in Arkansas please visit  I'm off to New York City next week to promote the Go red for Women casting call.  See you there!