Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Reinventing Healthcare

Have you felt the effects of rising healthcare costs? Too many patients suffering from heart disease or stroke have, and they simply cannot afford the medical care they need. It truly is a heart-breaking situation. That is why, against the backdrop of the 2008 Presidential campaign, the American Heart Association is engaging in the healthcare reform debate. We're working to achieve meaningful reform that will serve the best interests of patients. Our goal is affordable, accessible, quality healthcare for all Americans. Will you join us in reinventing healthcare? If you haven't already, pledge your support today. The American Heart Association recently convened a panel of experts to discuss health policy reform by examining real life situations. You can watch some highlights from the discussion at the University of Mississippi, where panelists discussed how to best provide quality and affordable care to all Americans. Click here to view highlightsWith that conversation in mind, invite your friends over and tune into the final Presidential Debate this Wednesday, Oct. 15 at 9 pm Eastern. This debate will focus on domestic issues, and we expect to hear about the candidates' plans for healthcare reform. Click here and you can find discussion questions, games, sample recipes and more resources for your watch party. Stay tuned for opportunities to share your thoughts with us after the debate! On behalf of heart disease and stroke patients struggling with the current healthcare system, thanks for joining us.