Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Heart Walk 2008!!

This past Saturday was our annual Heart Walk here in Arkansas. God blessed us with the best weather of the season, and an OUTSTANDING group of volunteers and walkers. In the last 8 years I have been at the Heart Walk in many capacities, from organizer to emcee. This year I was thrilled to be there as the Advocacy (lobbyist) committee representative. It was a wonderful to time to catch up on with old friends who are there every year, celebrating their survival and helping raise funds for life saving research and legislation. My favorite friend to see every year is Kirk Johnston. I first met Kirk when he was only 5 years old, and after having survived multiple heart surgeries. Kirk’s parent’s had already lost a daughter in infancy to a heart condition, and in this I can empathize. Kirk was born with an equally life saving condition, but miraculously is with us today-a healthy, vibrant teen-ager. We were able to sign up many many more “heart warriors” - we had fabulous success getting the walkers to join “You’re the Cure”. Speaking of which, TODAY is national “You’re the Cure” lobby day in Washington DC! Barbie Kumpe is there, along with a lovely mother/son team from Arkansas who plan to share their story of survival with our nations legislators. I was unable to attend this year, as tomorrow is the day I’ll be meeting with the Health Minister of the UK to discuss beginning the BMI program in his country. I am so blessed to get to be part of this international movement toward a heart healthy future!