Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Arkansas Retired Teachers Association Meeting 2008

God has been so incredibly good to me. When I nearly lost my mother to heart disease I prayed that He would give me a voice. I asked that He use me as His instrument to save the lives of women across the state and around the nation. He has answered that prayer, and answered it abundantly. Today I was given the opportunity to speak to the Arkansas Retired Teachers Association. In the audience were some 257 ladies, all of whom desperately needed to hear this life saving message. Several months ago I was contacted by to speak at a local Altrusa club meeting. It was a small gathering of only a handful, but we had a great "heart health" program, and wonderful fellowship. In that handful of ladies was Ms. Janet Burks, one of the most delightful ladies I have had the opportunity to meet. Ms. Burks also happens to be on the board of the ARTA. Ms. Burks and I kept in contact over the intervening months, and she asked me to speak at a few of their smaller gatherings. Those gatherings lead to me being asked to be the Keynote Speaker for their yearly event. What an honor! I'm rarely nervous when speaking, but I have to admit I had a serious case of the nerves standing in front of the individuals who molded my mind. It was a great day, and a fabulous event. Every time I wonder "is it time for me to retire?" God places another event like this in my path. I'll continue to spread this message until there are none left to hear it! What a great day! Thank you Janet, and the board of the ARTA, for allowing me this wonderful opportunity.